Home Groups

Life is better together…

What is a Home Group?

Although our relationship with the Lord is individual, He has always intended to have a family, united by God’s Fatherhood. It’s evident from the Bible that, through the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross, God brings us into relationship not only with Himself, but also with one another.

Our Sunday morning meetings are always precious and help us to recognize and appreciate our oneness and common purpose; it’s always great to worship with a great company of people but it’s not necessarily the best environment for developing closer relationships, and for helping one another to grow in God and to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus to ‘Go and make disciples...’ (Matthew 28 v 18 – 20)

And, of course, Home Groups aren’t simply there to care for each other, as important as that is, but they are also to be local missional expressions of our vision of seeing everyone in Bicester flourish and get to know God in a deeper way.

Our Home Groups meet on a regular basis throughout the year and, as the name suggests, they usually meet in people’s homes, although we may also have other locations for groups to meet as needed.

So, why not join a Home Group?  To do so scroll down this page and find one near you – if it’s full you may need to look at an alternative.

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